HomeMade Happy Birthday

21 Mar

When considering what to post for my Week Three homework for Blogging Your Way I figured that “My life” has been working on this birthday party for my daughter over the past week.  I am proud that I was able to put together a beautiful handmade fairy party for Lucienne’s 4th birthday this weekend.  A task not made easier by the fact we live in Mumbai, India.  I had a lot of fun with a die cut machine and a glue gun when creating the decorations.  I found the idea for the bead necklaces on a Dutch website called Madre Perla, however here in India I had to search high and low for little o ring screws to attach the plastic animals.  For the paper lanterns I used a pink colored Hindi newspaper for the butterflies and then needle and thread to string them. The heart garlands are made with handmade paper I bought at a wonderful store called Chiminlals in South Mumbai. I tried adding text to the photos, but I see now after creating the collage, the font is too small.  Maybe it’s not even necessary, but I wanted to try it out.  Thanks Holly for the excuse to show off my crafty side!


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