Winter in Gujurat

7 Feb

We felt as if we’d arrived at the far frontier of India in the Rann of Kutch…maybe we had.  Men and women still wore the traditional clothing which identified them by tribe.  2000 year old fishing ports, which once traded with the Romans still bustled with activity.  Crossing the borders into this remote area was as if transported by time machine.  We were as conspicuous as green Martians.


Colors and textures in the Maharashtra countryside

5 Oct

This past weekend we set out to find the Adivasi peoples of the Jawhar region of Maharashtra, a couple hours north of Mumbai.  The Adivasi ( a general term used to describe the original people of India ) in this area are commonly referred to as Warli, however this we found was also a generalization.  The morning of the day we had arranged to visit the village and home of an Adivasi artist, we strolled through the Saturday market at the small town of Manor.

An Adivasi woman outside her colorful home.  I loved the tissue paper pendants hanging along the eaves of her porch.

A Muslim man in the market at Manor

A Hindu girl at the market. Even in this small town Hindus and Muslims live side by side.

A tailor shop in Manor

Warli Art

18 Sep

The Warli are the tribal people of northern Maharastra.  Their unique art style has a primitive, simple style that I love.  We are going to Jawhar, the heart of Warli country, to see the artists in action and hopefully leave with a piece of our own.

Fluke Design

18 Sep

Our beautiful Ganesh painting by Rashmi Dogra, owner of Fluke Design Company.  Her shop is divinely inspired with a modern and edgy feeling.

Vibrant Vignettes

18 Sep

Religious Urban Art

18 Sep

Photo by Kevin Crouch

Photo by Kevin Crouch Photo by Kevin Crouch

Indians advertise their gods on all available surfaces throughout the city.  Some are deterrents to pubic urination, some small roadside shrines and others adorn the walls on the path to a temple.