Chor Bazaar Finds

2 May

One of my favorite things to do in South Mumbai after visiting Le Pain Quotidien is to navigate the chaos of Chor Bazaar.  Anything and everything can be had in what used to be called the “thieves market” at a bargin basement prices [bargaining is required].  The reward for braving the heat, dust, horns and crush of humanity are unique gems which wait amid bric-a-brac.  Today I found these colorful woven plastic mats outside a mosque.  I assume Muslims would use them as prayer mats, but they are so beautiful and colorful, I thought they would be great for a picnic, a play corner or on an outside deck.


HomeMade Happy Birthday

21 Mar

When considering what to post for my Week Three homework for Blogging Your Way I figured that “My life” has been working on this birthday party for my daughter over the past week.  I am proud that I was able to put together a beautiful handmade fairy party for Lucienne’s 4th birthday this weekend.  A task not made easier by the fact we live in Mumbai, India.  I had a lot of fun with a die cut machine and a glue gun when creating the decorations.  I found the idea for the bead necklaces on a Dutch website called Madre Perla, however here in India I had to search high and low for little o ring screws to attach the plastic animals.  For the paper lanterns I used a pink colored Hindi newspaper for the butterflies and then needle and thread to string them. The heart garlands are made with handmade paper I bought at a wonderful store called Chiminlals in South Mumbai. I tried adding text to the photos, but I see now after creating the collage, the font is too small.  Maybe it’s not even necessary, but I wanted to try it out.  Thanks Holly for the excuse to show off my crafty side!

Christel Maria Nolle

20 Feb

I saw a blog on Christel Maria Nolle’s abstract paintings at Decor8; love the mood her pieces create.

Collage Ideas

20 Feb

Krsna Mehta has some funky, modern collages that are an inspiration.


16 Feb

My next art project.  I’m going to try monoprinting.

Planning Lulu’s Birthday Party

15 Feb

This is from  I’m going to have the kids make these.  I was able to find all of the supplies in Mumbai.  Should be cute.

I am planning Lucienne a Fairy party, even though she really wants a Princess Jasmine party.  I think she’s warming up to the idea though.  There is a American bakery here in Mumbai that is actually an NGO which works with disadvantaged children and women and happens to make yummy cupcakes.  It’s called TH Bakes (supporting the charity Tender Hands. Bernie David, the owner, claims she can make one like the one pictured above.

Carpenter for Hire

11 Feb

We found a carpenter that built us a great bed out of teak.  I showed him a picture from Urban Outfitters of a bed I liked and he made it!  I am thinking about giving him another try with this coffee table design.